My experiences @ Nordic JS 🇸🇪 ❄️


Exciting Stuff

  • Bathtube and sauna during the whole event
  • Private Concert in a container
  • Coding in the dark has a unique atmosphere
  • The dockerized venue at the pier
  • The livestream was a cool improvement
A picture of nordic.js event

What I have learned in a nutshell

  • "Value-driven development make sure you do all things for the user. Be kindle be nice." - Isabella Silveira de Souza

  • "You do not want to throw users on an endless hamster wheel of complex updates. Because then everyone gets swooped into the maelstrom, and not just your consumers.” - Shelley Vohr

  • "Video manipulation with Canvas is awesome you can do fancy things with it." - Eva Ferreira

  • "Tensorflow usage on the web can be a lot of fun." - Piérre Reimertz

  • "Document all the changes for an API provide a context for change why did we doo this."

  • "Adapt to people not only to devices create unique experiences for all users." - David Khourshid

  • "Don’t be afraid to look under the hood to see how things work." - Vaidehi Joshi

  • "Do awesome async distributed things with NodeJS" - James Simpson

  • "How to think differently about standarization privacy and GDPR" - Vitaly Friedman

  • "Have fun be playfull and share hapiness" - Sara Vieira

you can watch all the talks here .

Some improvement ideas

  • Warm food
  • Some more healthy snacks
  • A little breakfast
  • Too many people? It was sometimes really crowded
  • Louder speaker talks on the side rooms

What you can expect

A very good professional organized conference with many awesome people. Fun, different and innovative things to explore. A lot of people from all over the world. Good selection of speakers from different skill levels and backgrounds